Overall rating
  • Francis Gregorin

    The frame is fantastic. Great looking and feels great too

  • Ross McKee

    These straps and waist pad are by far the most accurate in the market. His detailed knowledge of straps from all the movies is super impressive. Definitely the must have straps for any pack.

  • Sean McFadden

    Mr. FarOutWeirdStuff Farnsworth makes the best straps in the biz. These are of superior quality and will last longer than my pack will. These super straps have saved my back and shoulders at many conventions while carrying a 40lb nuclear accelerator on my back. Also, he communicates with his customers!! Not many do that and provide an outstanding product!

  • Leah Chitwood

    He did a fantastic job on my straps for my 2016 build! Great quality work and they feel so comfortable on my shoulders. He is definitely one to add to your list of vendors for straps for your pack.

  • Josh Chitwood

    Awesome craftsmanship on all his straps and frames. A must have for any pack build!

  • Larry Crye

    FOWS helped me with my GB2-accurate belt buckle, and added extra length to the belt after replacing the buckle. (It WILL be smaller due to the design of the buckle.) His work is of a professional quality, and I’ve seen first-hand the gear he’s produced for slime blower pads. Incredibly top shelf products.

  • Jacob Bartlett

    Extremely high quality with fair prices. Farnsworth is an innovator in the hobby and always reliably gets jobs done with excellent communication.

  • Bob Anderson

    FAROUT is literally one of the best makers in the business. I personally recommend the super straps. It will literally change your entire back health while wearing a pack. Not to mention great customer service.

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