Listings Edit your listing

Your My Profile page holds all of your listings.

Find your listing under the Listings tab and click on the pencil icon to edit. This will take you to a form with all the listing’s information.

Make the changes you require and click Submit Listing to save.


Listings Add / change gallery images

When editing your listing you will be able to update things such as gallery images.
Find your way down to the Gallery section of the edit form and you will be able to view, edit details or delete existing images and/or add new images to your listings gallery.

Listings Add a featured product

To add up to 4 featured products to your listing head over to the Edit Account page select Add featured product to take you to the Add featured product page.

Fill out the form with the product name, image, short description (125 characters), price and item URL and hit submit.

Once your featured product has been approved by an admin you will be able to add it to your listing via My Profile > edit listing. At the bottom of the edit listing page you will find the Add featured products section. Type in the name of the product you wish to add and select it from the dropdown list and hit submit.

You now have a featured product on your listings page.

Listings What categories to choose?

When creating a listing it is important to use categories that are relevant to your business. Each category you use should related directly to our products and services.
Also be specific, don’t just use Proton Packs, you may want to use Neutrona Wands and Proton Pack Shells to make your page easier to find.

For a full list of the current categories available see our Categories page and if you can’t see a category you think is relevant to your page then please add it to the ‘Can’t find a category?’ section on the add listing page.

Listings Delete your listing

Your My Profile page holds all of your listings.

Find your listing under the Listings tab and click on the bin icon to delete.

Profile page Change my profile image

To change your profile image go to the Edit Account page and click the camera icon on your current profile image.