Q-pack - 3D Printed Ghostbusters props

Q-pack - 3D Printed Ghostbusters props

Q-pack - 3D Printed Ghostbusters props

About Q-pack - 3D Printed Ghostbusters props

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  • Chris Darbyshire

    I recently used these files to print a proton pack. They are so well designed. The instructions a very easy to understand. I recommend these files for anyone who wants to print a pack.

  • Roland Blais

    If you own a 3D printer, or need an excuse to get one, this is the way to go! The files are excellent, can be printed without supports, and are often updated. Be sure to get your files from the Github, and don’t forget to purchase the assembly guide (link is in the files ReadMe) and help support the creator.

  • Brian Zakrajsek

    This is an excellent set of files that is seemingly magic with its sacrificial layers. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I also recommend the pdf that exists for printing it and assembling it.

  • Jonathan Hika

    I was new to 3D printing. I was new to Arduino. I had no idea who or what to do. This product has it all in the best detail you can find. Then, the FB group quickly welcomes you in and helps with questions, parts, and really anything.

    Since finding the Q Pack, I’ve printed multiple Ghostbusters props, made great friends in the community, and didn’t throw my printer across the room printing shitty parts. Some of these you just wouldn’t believe until you see it..

    Highly recommend.

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